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It is difficult to predict how long it will take before you start to feel like you are making progress. The first few sessions will be devoted to us getting to know each other, and to you getting to know yourself, evaluation of your needs, and developing a treatment plan. It typically takes 6 to 8 sessions before a client starts to feel like progress is being made. Your commitment to therapy and consistency in attending sessions is a key factor in positive change.   

One of the most important factors leading to success in psychotherapy is the therapeutic alliance - the partnership between you and your therapist. This is relationship built on trust and honesty. As your therapist, I promise that your best interests will be at the heart of what we do together. I will be honest with you and you must be honest with me.

Once we establish a trust-based therapeutic alliance, your journey to feeling better will have begun. You must be committed to remaining on this journey even when the road seems long or bumpy. Good things are rarely achieved quickly and easily.

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